Post-Operative Care: Wash Your Nose After A Rhinoplasty

After a rhinoplasty, the nose is usually blocked and you have difficulty breathing through the nose. Washing your nose regularly is recommended by leading nose job experts in Florida in order to evacuate the blood, peel off the scabs and therefore facilitate healing.

The nose being sensitive after the intervention, it is important to proceed gently:

  • Washes with physiological saline are sufficient and allow the nostrils to be unclogged. Ideally, serum pipettes, such as single doses for babies, are the most convenient to use.
  • Alternatively, seawater sprays can also be used several times a day.

Post-Operative Care For Rapid Recovery

Due to the location of the operated area, rhinoplasty is a surgery that leads to social eviction lasting several days. Indeed, one does not necessarily want to go out for a walk with the splint or the swollen nose after the intervention.

  • PROTEOCHOC (Pileje) food supplement to boost the body before and after the intervention
  • An anti-swelling cooling mask (Therapearl) that is applied to the face. It is recommended not to apply it directly to the skin and to add compresses or clean cloth between the mask and the face.
  • A roller of arnica oil (St Hilaire)
  • Dermatological corrective brushes that will mask imperfections in facial color
  • A purifying face treatment, because after rhinoplasty, wearing the splint, the skin in this area needs to be cleansed!

Fact sheet

Before rhinoplasty:

  • Medical visits: 2 plastic surgery consultations, A consultation with the anesthesiologist.
  • Recommendations: stop smoking at least 1 month before, stop aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs ten days before rhinoplasty.
  • Signing of the quote, informed consent, and systematic production of medical photographs.
  • Reflection period: 15 days between the 1st consultation and the intervention of rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty intervention

  • Anesthesia for rhinoplasty: local or neurolepanalgesia for rhinoplasty of the tip, general anesthesia in case of complete rhinoplasty
  • Duration of the intervention: 1 to 2 hours on average
  • Return home after rhinoplasty: the same day or the next day

Results and outcome of rhinoplasty

  • Wicks removed: 24 hours after surgery. A maximum of 7 days after the intervention if associated septoplasty
  • Removal of plaster: between the 7th and 10th day
  • Special care: Rinsing of the nasal cavities with goménolée oil nd physiological saline, as soon as they are removed.
  • Withdrawal of the threads: between the 7th and the 10th day for the threads around the nostrils or at the level of the columella. The threads in the nostrils are absorbable.
  • Desocialization after rhinoplasty: 7 to 10 days
  • Resumption of physical activities: 1 month
  • Resumption of professional activities: 3 to 10 days, depending on the professional context
  • Deadline for the final result: 1 year
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