Distance is Not Much When Meeting Your Loved Ones is the Aim with Travel Trolley

It’s been quite long since I visited my mum, maybe seven months. This long I never stayed away from her as being a single parent my mum was all I had in my life and this goes same for e as well as I was her only child. With the completion of studies I got job at this architect firm which was well known among people in the country. I was assigned for the new project which was actually based in Middle East and travelling to London every now and then was not possible for me. But Travel Trolley voucher code made sure that my travelling gets convenient and easy.

Every year mum and I used to spend our time together on Halloween dressing like freaks and asking for trick or treat no matter what our ages were but this was fun for us. Then we used to watch horror movies all night with pumpkin soup and sweet by our side.

This year she was missing me more as all the arrangements for the Halloween were left aloof as I was not there. I even felt the loneliness in her voice along with her missing me a lot. This made me so unrest that I asked for 10 days off and planned my trip to visit my mother.

The approval which I got for my leaves also came with tickets of the best airline reserved through Travel Trolley. I was stunned to see this and there was a note from my boss wishing me to enjoy the best and horrifying Halloween with my mother.

I was so happy that he understood how things were very hard for mother staying alone with me not there to be with her especially on occasions…

I left for my journey back to my home sweet home. The flight was not too long but those 6 hours meant a lot to me as I wanted to give surprise to my mum. The whole trip was a surprise for her to celebrate every moment I will spend with her.

Only my house in the neighbourhood was not decorated according to the Halloween as my mum would not be feeling up to celebrating it without me as her partner. When I rang the bell and mum opened the door I remember the shock on her face as it was pure joy which meant that she was more than happy to see me and was only expecting this dream of her to come true.

This Halloween would be the best one I can vouch on as after so long me and mum were meeting and we had so much to talk about but first I wanted to decorate the house with mum to welcome all the kids to come for TRICK OR TREAT……

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